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California residents, such as those in our greater Ventura area, spend a lot of time in their cars. Through our extensive road and freeway systems, we all travel daily to work, school, to run errands, shop, and for all kinds of purposes. As drivers, we owe a duty to others to drive safely so as to ensure the security of all those we share the roadways with, from other drivers and passengers to motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. This involves obeying traffic laws and taking reasonable precautions to avoid accidents that can injure or even kill others. When this duty is violated by negligence, carelessness, or even deliberate wrongdoing that does result in injuries or death, it becomes a civil matter under California personal injury law.

If you or someone you loved has suffered serious injuries or been killed in a traffic accident in or around the greater Ventura area, you may be entitled to obtain financial compensation for your losses and damages. Your first priority should be to get the medical care you need. Once that is underway, you should contact a personal injury lawyer who can conduct an investigation into the matter of fault and determine if you should pursue a civil claim against the negligent party or parties in the matter. At the Law Office of Ruben M. Ruiz, you can work with a Ventura auto accident attorney who has 25 years of experience in pursuing such claims. Attorney Ruiz can personally handle your case from start to finish seeking the fair and just settlement or verdict you deserve.

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Types of Auto Accident Injuries

Serious injuries can include:

  • sprains,
  • lacerations,
  • broken bones,
  • internal injuries,
  • severe burns,
  • injuries to the head, neck, shoulders, and back,
  • loss of limbs,
  • traumatic brain injuries,
  • and spinal cord injuries.

In the most severe cases, accident victims can become permanently disabled, requiring lifelong medical care and/or personal assistance to be able to complete basic daily tasks.

The medical expenses for any of these injuries can be staggering, basically wiping out the financial resources of families. Accidents that cause these types of injuries are typical in high-density traffic areas such as large cities and metropolitan areas common to California.

How is Fault Determined?

Personal injury cases such as auto accidents are based on the negligence or wrongdoing of the at-fault party. That must be established to win your case. Fault in car accidents can be committed in a variety of ways from drunk driving to violating traffic laws, driving while texting or using a cell phone, speeding, or even to the negligence on the part of manufacturers guilty of making defective car parts or vehicles. Even with the advanced safety features that have become part of our modern vehicles, those who take to the road are often at risk for serious personal injury or death when others engage in reckless, careless, or other negligent behaviors.

Damages in Auto Accident Cases

The damages available to victims of negligence-based accidents will depend on the severity of their injuries or losses as well as their percentage of fault in the accident.

Damages can include:

  • Medical expenses, including for future medical care or equipment related to one’s injuries
  • Loss of income or wages
  • Loss of earning capacity when permanently injured
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Out-of-pocket expenses related to one’s injuries
  • Property damage to one’s vehicle or other property within the vehicle

For the family survivors of accident victims who have died, many of the above damages will apply but other types of damages may also be recovered such as for funeral and burial expenses, loss of companionship, care, and support, and more.

Partner with a Seasoned Ventura Auto Accident Attorney

For optimum results in any auto accident case, you will need the services of an attorney who can aggressively advocate for you. In the wake of an accident, you should preserve all evidence as soon as you can and refrain from speaking with insurance representatives or adjusters. They are not there to help but to get information from you to minimize the value of your claim. They are trained on how to gain your confidence to have you waive your rights or not seek legal representation.

Attorney Ruiz is here to fight for your legal rights under California law and to help you obtain the justice you deserve. He will handle all aspects of your case and is well-equipped to do so in seeking the compensation you deserve.

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