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If you sustained injuries in an accident caused by someone else’s negligent actions, you should not hesitate to take legal action and pursue the fair and just compensation you deserve. At the Law Office of Ruben M. Ruiz in Ventura, our personal injury team is committed to providing fierce legal representation on behalf of every client we serve. With more than 25 years of experience on our side and a proven track record of success, you can rest assured your case will be in good hands with us.

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What is the Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury Cases in California?

If you wish to file a personal injury claim, it is essential to act fast. In California, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit is two years, beginning on the date of the injury. When the clock runs out on the statute of limitations, you will lose your chance to file a claim, so do not hesitate to retain the skilled legal services you need to begin the process.

Damages in a Personal Injury Case

When filing a personal injury claim in California, there are a number of damages one may receive if successful.

Here is a breakdown of the damages available in a personal injury claim:

  • Medical treatment, including estimated future costs.
  • Loss of income and reduced earning capacity.
  • Property loss, such as a damaged car from a motor vehicle accident.
  • Emotional distress, including anxiety, loss of sleep, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other psychological conditions caused by trauma.
  • Loss of consortium, including the loss of the ability to provide affection, love, or participate in household responsibilities.
  • Loss of enjoyment, including the inability to partake in past hobbies or other activities you were able to do before the accident.

How are Punitive Damages Calculated?

Additionally, California allows punitive damages, depending on the details of your case. If the defendant’s actions were especially careless or egregious, you may be awarded punitive damages.

To determine if you should be awarded punitive damages, the following factors will be reviewed:

  • The reprehensibility of the defendant’s behavior.
  • The financial condition of the defendant.
  • The harm suffered by the plaintiff or the amount of compensatory damages awarded.

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