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Having a criminal arrest and/or conviction record can have a major impact on your life. You will likely be faced with difficulties in being accepted for future opportunities, such as acceptance for higher education, finding a job or housing, qualifying for financial aid, or being eligible for a professional license. Your applications for such opportunities will be reviewed by decision-makers who can easily access your criminal record through a background check. In tough economic times, this can lead to your being passed over in favor of other candidates, leaving you with a bleak future.

Fortunately, our state has established a remedy for this problem known as expungement. Under the California Penal Code, being granted an expungement releases you from “all penalties and disabilities” consequent to a criminal conviction. Through an expungement, your criminal record becomes effectively sealed. However, you will have to be eligible and apply and complete the process. At the Law Office of Ruben M. Ruiz, Attorney Ruiz can help you navigate this process to ensure that you meet eligibility requirements and to see that the process is done properly and thoroughly. He can help you avoid any pitfalls that would hinder your progress or a positive result. With 25 years of experience handling such matters, he has gained the knowledge, insight, and skills needed in this often complicated issue.

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Do I Qualify for Expungements in California?

In order to apply for an expungement, you must be eligible. Eligibility commonly includes the following factors:

  • Completion of your probation
  • Payment of all fines and restitution assessed in your case
  • You are not facing any new criminal charges

You are not eligible if you are currently facing criminal charges, are still on probation, or are serving a sentence imposed by the court. You are also generally not eligible for an expungement if your conviction resulted in being sent to a California state prison except in cases where such a crime would now result in a county jail sentence. Furthermore, certain felony crimes involving sex offenses against children can never be expunged.

In cases where you have not yet completed probation but have never had any probation violations, you may be able to apply for early termination of probation. Should that be successful, you can immediately begin the expungement process. Successfully completing any probation entitles you to apply for expungement.

Even if you had a probation violation on your record, you could apply for an expungement. This involves a more complex process but can be sought with the help of an attorney as familiar with the system as Attorney Ruiz is. This process involves showing the court why you deserve an expungement based on various facts and circumstances.

How a Ventura Expungement Attorney Can Assist You

Obtaining an expungement starts with relevant paperwork involved in the application process. The Law Office of Ruben M. Ruiz is here to provide the assistance you need with this and to ensure that it is completed thoroughly and accurately. Having the knowledge and representation of a Ventura expungement attorney in this matter can expedite the process and ensure any unnecessary mistakes are avoided.

Once your expungement is obtained, your conviction will not be accessible to the public and you will not be required to answer any questions about the underlying crime. This frees you up to fairly compete with others on applications and in interviews for important life opportunities and is an important step in rebuilding your future.

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